Real Estate Investment Growth In The Philippines

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The level of real estate investments continues to grow in the Philippines just like in other developing countries. Many investors prefer to invest in real estate markets due to its higher return on investments compared to other highly volatile investment vehicles. But before you invest in real estate, it’s important for you to understand the available investments opportunities and the ones which generate higher returns.

Some of these opportunities were discussed in details during the Philippine Real Estate 2019 conference held at Shangri-La, Makati. The conference was hosted by both Philippines Daily Inquirer Property together with Holcim Philippines.

The conference theme was centered around the factors driving the growth of real estate, new opportunities that are arising and how various real estate players can maximize on these opportunities in order to encourage rapid growth.

Some of key deliberations that came out strongly from the panel are;

  1. Real estate is a good investment

The real estate market in the Philippines was considered a good investment option. However, there were important factors that were raised about the sustainability of real estate prices. There were inquiries of how such investments can be made sustainable and real estate investors were given a hint of the prime areas in Philippines that they can explore which guarantee higher returns.

The panel also focused on POGO companies and their role in the growth of Philippines’ real estate market.  In order for the real estate market growth to be sustainable, we need to encourage more foreign investors to come and invest in the Philippines because properties are relatively cheap compared to other countries.

  1. Timing is very essential in real estate investment

For instance, POGOs were very strategic when they entered the Philippine real estate market. They have been in the industry for three years and they came in when most developers were actually finishing their projects. As a result of their perfect timing, they were able to secure prime leasable properties across the country which are popularly known as POGO hubs.

However, one of the panelist from The Outlook: Philippine Real Estate Conference 2019 was of the opinion that the Philippine real estate market can still survive and grow without POGOs. He suggested that although POGOs can have an impact on the price of residential properties, it have a little net contribution to the entire economy.

He added that both BPO and POGO plays a very important role in neutralizing the lease rates of properties in the industry and there is a very good reason that such foreign investment companies should be encouraged to operate in the Philippines.

  1. Always be cautious and diversify

The experts also emphasized on the importance of minimizing risk when you invest in real estate. Although Philippines is among the biggest real estate markets in Asia, investors should be vigilant when it comes to the prices of real estate. It is important that they are properly assisted by local real estate experts like RE/MAX ROYAL, for them to be on the safe side with their investments.

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