How to Choose a Real Estate Agency

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Somewhere between the range of 70% to 80% of homeowners utilize a realtor or broker when buying or selling a home, so picking the right broker is essential to a successful real estate transaction. Especially a high end luxury real estate transaction. However, while picking a real estate brokerage is a fairly easy process, picking a good one isn’t.

Here are tips to assist you in choosing a good real estate broker/brokerage.

  1. Reputation

Reputations take time to build, and if a brokerage/broker has a proven track record of being able to deliver, while stacking up exceptional reviews to his name, you can be almost certain that he/she knows their onions with regards to the real estate business.

This appears first on the list for good reason, as you really have to be unlucky to go wrong with an established reputation especially because, a brokerage with a reputation, will do everything in its power to keep its reputation intact.

  1. Honesty

While this tends to border around the aforementioned point with regards to reputation, nothing beats honesty in the business world, especially in a world where everyone is trying to get a dollar over the other. In practice, an honest broker may sometimes be more beneficial than a reputable real estate broker.

A broker/brokerage who has your interests at heart, will always supersede a broker who is there to make a quick buck with barely satisfactory terms on your deals. Thus, it is important to get a broker who sees you as a referral, rather than a pot of gold.

  1. Technologically Inclined

The need to have a Real estate broker who is technologically savvy cannot be underestimated. Thanks to evolving technologies such as the Internet, Artificial Intelligence and the continued miniaturization of mobile devices, the real estate industry is all but what it once was. These days, most real estate brokers even make use of drones to capture live footage of properties from varying angles, ensuring that the aesthetic qualities of the property come out on top, as well as providing the client with an exceptional live view of the exact state of the estate.

Thus, a real estate broker who fails to meet up with technological requirements in a fast paced world like the 21st century, will almost always struggle to give his/her clients the best.

  1. Deep Rooted Local Knowledge

Very few qualities of a real estate brokerage provide peace of mind to clients like a broker who understands the area and its terrain. An important aspect to this has to do with your broker’s ability to give first-hand information about certain properties, the challenges associated with real estate in certain areas of a specified geographical location, or the history of an area with regards to real estate.

More than any other feature on this list, ensure to pick a brokerage/broker who understands the grounds, and its history. It will save you from a lot of headaches consequently.

Pick a Brokerage with your interest at heart, one which sees you as another testimonial story, rather than a chest of silver, pick RE/MAX ROYAL.